From the recording The Road

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I messed up again today that same thing I didn’t wanna do
Brought me down to the ground
If only I would’ve brought it to you
I would not be in this situation.

Prelude to chorus:
But now I know that I can’t trust in myself
But now I know that I can’t try on my own
But now I know You’re the answer!

Wash me from my sin!
Purge me and make me whole again
May Your Blood wash over me
As I put my faith in Your finished work
Come and make me whole!
Jesus, purge me from my sin
And make me whole again.

The problem is I tried too hard.
Faith in You is all that’s necessary.
It’s a done deal--a finished work.
Your Blood on that Cross has made me whole!

May Your never ending love come into my heart.
May Your Blood give me a new start.
For I’ve declared You as the Son of God.
The Holy One from above! Jesus!